At Eurowallet, we see ourselves responsible for the operation of KingdomPay. With that said, we work hard to make sure that the businesses that integrate with our platform run consistently smoothly and with as few problems as possible. Yet, sometimes, we face challenges beyond our control that have nothing to do with our technology or our professional IT personnel.

Unfortunately, this is the case with Global Unity(Kingdom777). Although we have tried by every means possible to speak with the staff at Global Unity(Kingdom777), for whom this platform was designed for, customized and traded for 100% ownership of them by providing us the very simple yet necessary tools we need to fulfill our responsibilities and duties. They have failed to meet their responsibility to us time and time again.

Just recently we met at the highest level with the Global Unity(Kingdom777) key personnel and management and urged them to implement the payout system that has been on their hands for over 5 months. They agreed to. They didn"t!

The payout system is what all Global Unity(Kingdom777) users use to receive their bonuses and commissions. Our purpose and desire has always been to have this payout system available. Unfortunately, and with heavy hearts on our part, due to Global Unity’s(Kingdom777) unwillingness or inability to keep their part of the agreement, we have no choice but to shut-down the operation of the KingdomPay platform until further notice.

Respectfully Yours, Emanuel Martins C.E.O. Eurowallet.

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